Media Statement

03 MAY 2021


The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) would like to inform the nation and the football fraternity that it has since resumed the constitution review process in order to align the ZIFA statutes to FIFA and CAF statutes, in line with the dynamics of the game.

The current ZIFA constitution was last amended in 2013, and there is need to refresh the supreme laws of the local game.

ZIFA would like to state that this mandatory exercise is being monitored by, and has the full backing of world football governing body FIFA. It was stalled in 2020 due to Covid-19 challenges, but is now proceeding on virtual platforms in full compliance with Covid-19  regulations. 

The Association would therefore want to allay any fears that there are ulterior motives in respect of this process. A committee put in place for that purpose has been mandated to spearhead the process in line with the Association' constitutional provisions.  It is expected that the committee will present its draft to the ZIFA  council during the 2021 congress.

The Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) is informed of this constitutional process. It is extremely disappointing that while FIFA  is pushing for the updating of our statutes,  some unscrupulous elements would want to derail this  process notwithstanding that such is best practice.

While even the SRC is pushing for the amendment of its own SRC Act and has already

started the process, and the country’s constitution has also been reviewed, it is mind boggling that ZIFA is questioned when it undertakes a similar exercise. The same is with CAF, FIFA statues which are always reviewed to reflect realities of the industry. COSAFA recently amended its constitution at the 2021 Annual General Meeting held in February. Any suggestion that the ZIFA constitution must remain stagnant can therefore only be ill driven and against the development of local football.

The Association promises its valued stakeholders that this process  shall be transparent it shall be guided by the dictates of the current ZIFA constitution with respect to constitutional reviews.

Further, ZIFA wishes to correct misrepresentations being peddled on social media to the effect that the elective congress of ZIFA will be held in March  2022. This position is misleading and  false. The next ZIFA elections are going to be held in December 2022, after the full four-year (4 ) year term of the current office bearers, as is stated in our statutes regarding terms and duration of office bearers. There is nowhere in our constitution as has been suggested in some social media spaces where it’s said elective congresses are held in March, instead the same statues says office bearers shall be in office for a period of 4 years. Thus, the current office bearers, having been ushered in December 2018, shall, if interested, stand for re-election in December 2022.

any interested qualified persons can participate.

The Association  urges the public to ignore such voices which seems to always thrive on electioneering. Elections come and go, and football cannot be held in perpetual election mode by those that have little to do.

The current Board and entire council are therefore firmly fixated on  development and growth of the game and with more than one (1)  year and six (6 ) months still to serve, all efforts are on the growth of the game.

ZIFA thus urges all stakeholders to join hands in working towards a smooth and safe

resumption of all  different levels of our football . We will therefore not be hoodwinked to go into the election mode as we are all under the leadership of the current ZIFA  President Felton Kamambo.

Meanwhile ZIFA is saddled with preparation for the World cup qualifiers  due in June 2021 against South Africa and Ethiopia as well as Senior Women matches pencilled for later this year. In the same token, ZIFA wishes to inform the nation that it has dropped any plans for a Warriors friendly match on the advice and request of the technical team which feels that the period between the beginning of the international break and the World Cup qualifiers is not enough.

The Association is now firmly laying the ground work for football resumption and has quietly invested a lot towards grassroots, youth and women’s football in 2021 and beyond, details of which shall be announced soon.

The  ZIFA board has decided not to partake in any international youth tournaments this year, but rather, shall focus on building future youth national teams by kick starting both the boys and girls under 15 and under 17 provincial youth leagues as soon as authorisation is granted  by responsible authorities.

ZIFA would like to thank several well-meaning stakeholders who have supported the

Association in many different ways and we shall continue defending the game that is loved by so many of our compatriots.

We  call for a unity of purpose as we are one people with one flag.

 For and on behalf of the Zimbabwe Football Association:

Xolisani Gwesela

Communications & Competitions Manager.