Women's football revival intensifies


The Zimbabwe Women’s Football (ZWF) standing committee has earmarked late October and early November for consultative regional tours in a bid to resuscitate its once vibrant development structures. In total, the committee, headed by Zimbabwe Women Soccer League Chairperson Barbara Chikosi, will conduct four meetings in each region of football. Chief among the items on the agenda is to verify the existence of leadership structures, and where there are gaps, facilitate co-option to ensure smooth administration of the game.

The standing committee met the national executive committee on  10 October 2020 and was  given the mandate to spearhead the revival of development structures of women’s football. In the meeting, President Felton Kamambo reiterated his administration’s goal to increase the participation of women in all areas of football.

 The regional outreach exercise will help the association in coming up with comprehensive lists of existing developmental teams and leagues which are set to benefit from the second instalment of equipment distribution set for later in the year. Further, the regional tour is set to give women’s football stakeholders a platform to discuss regulatory frameworks that can deliberately increase women’s participation in football decision making corridors.

At the moment only the Zimbabwe Women Soccer League chairperson, Barbara Chikosi sits in the National Executive Committee.

ZWF recently completed a strategic plan formulation exercise, guided by broader women’s football strategy documents published by CAF and FIFA earlier.

Renewed focus on women’s football development derives from keen attention that both CAF and FIFA have devoted to the women’s game in recent times. FIFA gave the association a US$ 500 000 grant specifically meant for women’s football development.

Other members of the ZWF standing committee are:

Vice Chairperson – Gaylord Madhunguza


  1. Beaullar Msarah
  2. Tafadzwa Mujuru
  3. Yeukai Chashaya