ZIFA allocates over 100 million covid-19 relief to affiliates

The Executive Committee met on 9 July to discuss, among other issues, covid-19 relief packages for affiliates and resumption of competitions. Addressing journalists after the meeting, President Felton Kamambo revealed that FIFA had allocated 1.5 million USD to ZIFA, and relief funds will now be disbursed to affiliates to help them ease financial struggles during the pandemic. A total of One hundred and ten million five hundred thousand dollars (110 500 000 ZW$) will be distributed among all affiliates.

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) and women’s football will receive 25.675 million and 32.5 million ZW$ respectively. These funds will be further distributed among clubs and the administration.

A further 17.295 million will be expended to regions, national teams, and other activities in the fight against covid-19 and preparation for the return of competitions. In anticipation of the return of football, the Zimbabwe Football Association, the president said, will cater for all covid-19 base line tests and medical expenses for clubs. Further, when football resumes, ZIFA will also pay referees’ fees to reduce clubs’ expenses in the aftermath of covid-19.

A detailed catalogue of disbursements will be availed in due course. The executive committee also ratified the season commencement framework proposed by the Football medicine committee and competitions committee.

Executive committee resolutions in summary

1.Covid-19 relief funds totaling 110 500 000 ZW$ will be disbursed to affiliates

2. The committee ratified the season commencement framework proposal made by the football medicine and competitions committees, subject to government approval.

3. The committee agreed to establish a hall of fame to honour heroes of the game. A committee will be set up based on recommendations made during the meeting.

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